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Petr Novotny

I have a problem with comunication between PC and PLC, and I want to analyze reading and writing from PLC S5-100U.

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Petr Novotny

Konrad Heidrich

hi petr, i know a software which works exactly like a logic analysator for siemens plcs. it comes from a company named 'AUTEM' in emden/germany. look in the english section of www.autem.de for PLC-ANALYZER pro 3.0. best regards, konni
Hello Petr, if I understood, you are looking for a separate way of reading data from the PLC, without using a serial connection. 1) with some PLC code you can implement a communication driver. The partner can be a PC with an I/O board or another PLC. All what you need is a strobe output, a data output, a strobe input and a data input on each partner. To ease the sending/reading I would assign another output to synchronize the data (e.g. an output fired at the first bit of each byte). Other outputs can be added, e.g. for declare the beginning of each transmission. You can increase the data flow by using a byte (or a word) of outputs instead of a single bit. To avoid loss of data due to the different cycle time of the partners you must handshake the strobe outputs of both partners. 2) Before start wiring... Your PC-PLC connection is probably an RS232, so why don't use a simple datascope first? Try some free programs named TAL from http://www.taltech.com/ or TESTCOME from http://www.arrakis.es/~sigecom . You can find a description of 3964R protocol in a CP524 manual, a brief description of AS511 protocol is available at www.runmode.com, if you are dealing with an ASCII protocol things are even easier. 3) Are you connected to the programming port of S5 PLC ? If you experience RS232 framing error, be aware that S5 AS511 protocol frame is 11 bits long (data=8, parity=Even, stop=1) and some quite old PC hardware perhaps does not handle such framing. regards Luca Gallina
S5_rwdb is EXE independent to read and to write DB in S5 through the programming port, which directly has a field of entrada (IN_PLC) and a departure airfield (OUT_plc) accessible by keyboard or sending requests through DDE (or
SendKeys...), the input range can contain 2 types of chains

In order to read DB: RDB120-20; ReadDataBlock120-leer20DataWords

In order to write DB: Wdb120-5-1/4 /;
WriteDataBlock120-apartirDelDataWord5-escribirDW5=1/DW6=4 /;

MORE INFORMATION ON: www.tecepeipe.com