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Armin Steinhoff

Hello, there are different QNX4 SCADA systems in the market. In the past all were running QNX Windows like Sitex, RealFlex, PCP Virgo, RT Win, FlexControl, CESAR etc. and most of these SCADAs were also used from our customers with PROFIBUS, INTERBUS and/or IEC1131-3. So we got some insight in the different SCADAs. In the meantime only a few of them were ported to QNX Photon e.g. the follow up from Sitex is called Phocus or the Russian system RTWin Some other QNX-SCADAs are mixed up with MS today, and I'm missing the real QNX advantages in these systems. An other option is to use Python under QNX together with Tilcon TRTD. Databases incl. with Python is the Berkley data base, but if it's too small, Empress will do the job, too. The QNX4 and QNX6 port for Python (open source) is at If you have detailed questions, please contact me directly. Armin

Jose Flavio Rabelo Vasconcelos

Yes, there is a very powefull SCADA system for QNX environment called xOMNI from AUDIOLAB AUTOMACAO E SOFTWARE LTDA, from Brazil.
Visit for further information. Three big electric utilities in Brazil are using this SCADA software for Supervisory and Control applied to Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution.