Citect SCADA 7.2 Indirect Tag Reference


I'm trying to do the following, I have some experience with Citect but can't seem to figure this out.

I/O Tag:
BoxPos1_ProdNum (Data Type: Integer) [Assume a value of 99 for this example)

Disk PLC Tag:
ProdNum99_Name (Data Type: String) [Assume value of ABC for this example)

Assume a slow-moving conveyor with Boxes travelling on it with different products inside. This is visualized on citect scada.

I have a Genie object which shows the product details in the box in a certain position on this conveyor.

In this Genie object I want to show the Product Number of the product in the box (BoxPos%Position%_ProdNum) and the Product Name.

When I place the Genie on the page, it asks me for the %Position% value, where I enter 1. This allows the Genie to resolve the Product Number Tag for Position 1 to BoxPos1_ProdNum. This then correctly shows a value of 99 on the object at runtime.

Now I want to use the BoxPos1_ProdNum value of 99 to create a reference to the relevant Product Name Tag ProdNum99_Name on the same object.

Any ideas on how this can be done? Hopefully I have explained it well above.