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Cuitlahuac Picasso B.

Hello everybody.

Somebody have experienced or any idea with SCADA Real-flex based on PC
and process several protocols at the same time (threads or parallel
tasks) outgoing by each serial port three protocols three different
ports. The protocols discussed are DNP 3.0, Sangamo Command Set (this is
by Schlumberger) and Modbus maybe using additional serial cards inside
hardware of QNX or several serial ports inside PC.

Any ideas will be appreciate



Luiz C Santini

We have experience with Realflex 4.2 running several protocols at the same
time, using BST protocol, IEC and Realflex protocol called BJScan, in our
SCADA we have 32 serial ports controled by a Connect NT 960 board. In most
of the ports we use the BST and in some ports we use the IEC 870, it is
very easy to define which port use every protocol. In other node we use the
BJScan in a host mode.

For the use of several ports you should set those ports in the Sysinit
file, located in /etc/config directory in the QNX, in the coldstart file in
the /realflex/data dir. you should set every protocol drive.

Luiz C Santini
ENERSUL - Brazil
RealFlex can operate as many protocols as there are serial ports. Each
protocol scanner must be on it's same
port collisions among protocols. (There are a few occassions where different
protocols can be operated on the same
serial port but each combination must be evaluated individually). I know
they have drivers for Modbus but the other two
had not been developed at the time I left their employment. (I wrote most of
the protocol drivers/scanners in their list).

You can add smart serial cards (the brands from ConnectTech are reliable and
work well under QNX up to 128 ports on
some of their models) to a very unreasonable number.

They have a programming kit that allows you to write your own.