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I am searching for water meters and automatic water valves that can communicate using MODBUS protocol. By now I managed to find some water meters by Endress-Hauser, but no luck with valves.

I would greatly appreciate ANY information on the subject. Thanks in advice.

Lynn August Linse

You won't likely find a valve speaking Modbus directly, so you want some I/O device speaking Modbus (a cheap PLC or I/O 'block' or RTU). Then use one of the digital outputs to control a valve.

I am not sure your BUDGET, but if you want a very cheap plastic valve (for example to use in garden irrigation), there is a nice $7 one here:

If you have a bigger budget (or want to control say a 2-inch pipe), I am sure there are lots of simple valves which can be controlled with a powered Digital output.
Valves are machined chunks of metal or plastic that don't talk Modbus. But the positioner or actuator that drives the valve might talk Modbus.

A Google search for
valve actuator Modbus
will bring up a number of hits for actuators that talk Modbus.

I suspect you're looking for a smaller valve, so you might look at Belimo. Mfgs like Rotork build big boy actuators.
I see. Thanks for your reply, I'll dig in this direction then.

As for the needs, it's more about 2-inch tubes - the idea is to control university's water system.

The budget is not in question yet, right now I have to find as many different solutions as possible. Could you name some actual devices or companies that produce them? Or maybe some sites such stuff can be found at?

lynn August Linse

> As for the needs, it's more about 2-inch tubes - the idea is to control
> university's water system.

If you are controlling the 'life blood' of a university's toilets and drinking fountains, then you especially don't want a flaky solution.

Unfortunately, just a web search for 'modbus plc' brings up more data-comm companies than suppliers. I'd look at the mainstream players like Schneider-Electric, GE IP, Automation-Direct. I know Ge Ip sells the Nano as about $100 with Modbus comms. Don't forget the programming software. Some vendors give free (getting profit from hw), while others charge a $100-200 fee for the programming software.

Control by a simple PLC means a crash/reboot of your code won't cause the water system to 'hiccup' or glitch.