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RM Kapadia

hello sirs,
My project is some thing like this: "check the serial port of any device and then check that is'nt it working or not . means we can check for the worst case".
Please , give me some suggestion about my project. I hope you can help me. I am student so, please help me early as possible.
sorry , for wasting your time.

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Nilesh Pradhan

In the most general sense , you might want to write a application that sends information over the serial port and receives information from it.
There are many parameters that you can set for sending information, such as
1) Parity type
2) Number of characters
3) Baud rate

Good luck,
-Nilesh Pradhan
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Nageswar rao

Before using in actual application first u have to test serial port is it working properly or not for that u can use Hyperterminal in windows. if serial port is DB9 connector short circuit pin no2 and 3(transmitter and receiver) then open hyperterminal try to type some thing by default u have to receive if nothing has been displayed on screen go for properties and change port then try again. in this way u can check the port no and working condition if u want more just mail me with exact problem

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