Sharing One Scale with Two PC


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Is there a possibility to share one electronic weighing scale machine using RS232with two PCs and automatically key in the data through excel?

Jeremy Pollard

Sure... use the receive line to both serial ports.. or get a sniffer cable which has 3 ports... one to the scale, and the other 2 to the PC... can also use a serial splitter cable. Available anywhere ...

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It is very easy to do. Just split the TX cable and GND cable.<pre>
SCALE TX ---------- PC1 RX
|--------- PC2 RX

SCALE GND ---------- PC1 GND
|--------- PC2 GND</pre>
For the automatic key-in data into excel: you can develop a program that runs in the background. This program will receive the RS232 data and paste it into excel sheet.

Or develop a program and store the data in database, then export the database to excel.

Bronson Alex