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Dear List,

I have nine sets PLC TI305 from Siemens Simatic, This product was fully discontinued (information from local manufacturer). Could anyone help me,
about type and PLCs brands those compatible with my PLCs?

Thanks in advance

bambang budi
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Christopher Eiden

> Did you try ? I believe their 305 PLC is a direct replacement

Hakan Ozevin

The story of 305 (together with its big brother 405) is both a sad one and also partly a success. It is the only PLC system I know that was sold to several "step fathers" and everytime regarded as a "good son". I will only mention about the last years of this fable.
TI 305 was produced by a Far East manufacturer, Koyo (nowadays known as PLCdirect) for Westinghouse (as "PLCOne" or "NumberOne" I think), later on adopted by several American companies, including GE, who all were unwilling to born a micro PLC. They preferred to hug a cute, clever Far Eastern son, instead of borning one of their own, as they had already a problem child. The latest step father who had his problems in growing up of his older son (his name is 505) was Texas Instruments. When Siemens bought PLC part of TI, with all his serious, he looked at the little boy 305 and decided that step son should fly away. 405 was already a lost one and 505 was good enough to be accepted. Siemens was planning to born his own perfect son, after so many years of dealing with his wild sons, now mature men, called S5's. He had so much experience when fighting with his sons that he felt he was ready to be a father for a son of the new era (This little boy was named as S7-200 later on). Under these circumstances 305 was a crowd. However Siemens was not a bad step father at all; he had a commitment to provide 305's needs upto he is grown up (spare parts for 10 years). You know the rest of this family story.

As a fable teller I can tell you that you should still provide spare parts from the latest step father Siemens (force your local provider), or from the real father, Koyo. :)

Be careful about buying a spare part of 305, since it may be much more cheaper to renew your system with contemporary micro PLC's. Boys of our days are much more clever!

Hakan Ozevin


Some of the Siemens 305's are still being manufactured by Automationdirect,, the product is D3-330. We have used the D3-330 as a direct replacement for some of the older TI and siemens 305 series. Double check the cpu for a match before you make any substitutions.

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Antonio Martinez

-Control Technology, is a well known manufacturer of TI 505 equipment.
I hope they also have the series you want.
Take a look at

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