SLC5/05 Ethernet comms to win 2000 PC


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Andrew Poole

I have seen the Linux example from Mr Ron Gage from his FTP server (found his efforts from this site), has anyone ported this to Windows?

I have had a go at porting it and now I can connect but I get errors when I attempt to read registers. And without intimate knowldge of the protocol I am never going to figure it out.

All I need to do is write registers and read registers. I hate AB for not documenting their protocol in a simple manner. Back in 1985 I wrote a serial driver for a Toshiba EX40. The protocol was on half a side on the back of the manual. I dont think we have progressed in this field do you?

I desperately need help and cannot afford to spend time or money on AB software.

I hate OPC and wish to communicate directly using sockets so I can see what is going on.

There are vendors out there who have products but they all seem to come with various catches and problems which are unacceptable.

Many thanks

Andrew Poole
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Rockwell offers a fully featured Windows solution, including diagnostics so you can "see what is going on," as RSLinx Single Node. Catalog number 9355-WABSNENE, $395.

If $400 breaks you, you are in the wrong business.

Hope this helps!

Larry Lawver
Rexel / Central Florida