Standard operating procedure for SS 316 tube, 1/2" and 1/4".

what is the Standard operating procedure for SS 316 tubing.
1. Tubing fittings.
2. Tubing supports.
3. Tubing lengths.
4. tubing to be made to avoid tension and Stress.
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"Instrumenation Tubing and Their Connections" an ebook by Nirbhay Gupta

This is a blog on tubing installation:

Here's a web site listing the Standards for tubing

The site above also references the Standards
"ISO 2186:2007 Fluid Flow in Closed Conduits for pneumatic signal transmission", and
"ISA-67.02 Nuclear Safety Related Instrument Sensing Line Piping and Tubing Standard for Use in Nuclear Power Plants"

There is also "ANSI/ISA-77.70-1994 (R2005) Fossil Fuel Power Plant Instrument Piping Installation"

Each of the major-player fitting manufacturers publishes an illustrated nstallation guide; Parker, Swagelok, Hoke, to name a few.