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I'm a student of Instrumentation Engg.. I'm a sort of fresher in the field. As I'm interested in control engg., I've started getting into it. I'd like to take up a project in controls, and I'm not getting any ideas onto what should I take
up. Please help me out by suggesting any problem, completely theoretical, which I could simulate using MATLAB/SIMULINK.
Dear student,
I am doing a project on PID controller on the PC. For this you need an A/D converter and D/A converter, which can be housed on the PCI slot of PC. With this the vendor is also giving software module -- visual basic (activeX controls). Using this you can read the ports and output the values. The only thing is you have to find and implement good PID algorithm.

Please mail me if you find any boards as such. I
heard it is available in Bombay and Bangalore.

You can contact me at [email protected]
Dear Harish,
I'm struck up with the implementation of algorithm for PID controllers in my microcontroller project.I like to know about how to implement integrators and differentiators in digital using software.
If any vendor product is available can u name them.

with rgds