Wiring 24DC Fan to Nano 10 PLC - high school student please help


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I have a nano 10 triplc and I am trying to turn on a 24dc fan via output 1. The CPU fan has 2 wires, one red and one black. I have inserted the red wire in the PLC output 1 and the black wire to the negative. The output indicator light turns but the fan doesn't.

If I connect the fan directly to the 24dc power supply the fan turns on.

Here is what I have:

1) Nano 10 triplc
2) 24dc -0.09A Fan - Model number:RDH4010B2 - Make: Xfan
3) 24v DC power supply DR-4524.

I am a complete newbie and will appreciate any help. I guarantee that I am doing something wrong.
Of course it won't work. PLC turning on/off digital contact only. Connect positive 24v to positive terminal of fan directly. whereas -24v DC connect to one of the contact terminal of digital output and another wire from second terminal of PLC digital output to -24 v of fan.

Now turn on output from PLC and check....make sure contact closes on when output turns on.

Good luck
Thank you Sandy.

So I should connect the red wire of fan directly to the power supply 24 and connect the blackwire negative to the digital output of the plc?

The fan has only 2 wires Red and Black.