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PB Newman

We are trying to get a feel for the size of the US market for surge arrestors and suppression devices. Our client is a European developr of a high end device that operates on isolation theory.

Can anyone point me to a report or article that discusses:

size of the US market
leading distributors
whether larger purchasers buy from distributors or direct

Thank you!
I am assuming that you mean surge protectors which plug into 120 AC outlets. While I do not mean to be discouraging, as I recalled the market is very competitive and crowded and surge protection products are commodities. Most are made outside of US. Unless your product is a new technological break-through, that offers better protection and cost competitive, it is very difficult for an unknown newcomer to enter this market successfully. It would take a lot of smart marketing to penetrate this market. The leaders [multi-billion $ in size] are very good and will immediately react to stomp out any significant competition.

As for market information, it is difficult to get very specific information. The PC market is usually a good rough indication of the potential AC power surge protector market. There are a few Market Research companies that track the PC market pretty well [frequently Electronic Engineering Times reports this I believe]. One could try viewing public company earnings, or viewing some large distributors inventory.

The surge market is very segmented and manufacturers often target different segments. For example: SOHO [small office homeowner], small businesses, corporate/government, distributors [various kinds], and large retailer like Walmart, BEST BUY, & CompUSA. The other thing is most major players have "Total Power Protection" line of products which includes: Backup generators, UPS, Auto-Isolation transformers, surge protectors for AC power, data/voice communication/video equipment. Many large US corporate/government buyers want one stop shop. If your product is a new technology, your best bet might to join forces with an established leader [e.g. APC, Tripplite, Curtis, Panamax etc.].

Hope this is helpful.
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