Transfer data file via serial RS232

Right now our industrial pc is prohibited to use USB for transfer file into removable media. But the user still need data from industrial PC for other data analyse.
I have idea to use transfer file via RS232. I use "TeraTerm" program for transfering the file via serial from industrial pc to office pc.
Is it save regarding virus spread?

Thank you

Imagine you have a macro virus in a word document. Or you have a binary file (a program) containing some malware. No matter how you transfer it to your computer (be it serial line, parallel line - in the 90s, we used parallel ports + cables to transfer file between 2 computers, using Norton Commander of FAR manager or something like that) - when you transfer the file and activate it (open the document, run a program), it can harm your computer.
That said, USB or CD-ROM can be dangerous (they can contain "autorun" code, which can be, well, auto-run on insert into your PC (unless the functionality is disabled in windows, or unless you have a good enough antivirus software .. etc).

Btw, talking about macro viruses - around 2001, my sister brought home her diploma thesis on a 3.5" diskette. We had obsolete 486DX/100 with Windows 3.1 and some old version of Word then. After opening the thesis (which contained a macro virus), Word displayed an error message and the virus crashed. It clearly wasn't meant for such an old Word :)
So, sometimes incompatibility (e.g. using alternatives for Word/Excel or PDF viewers) can save your skin :)
There is no point in discussing the penetration of threats through rs232. First, what operating system do you have? Second, you can perfectly track the format of the transmitted data.

The time of embedded macro viruses in documents is a thing of the past, now there are more effective tools to ruin life .... unfortunatel