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My company is going to be upgrading from a Modicon 584 and a 484 to Quantums. The problem we have is that all of our data is stored on tapes, P190's are what we use to transfer the information to the PLC from the tape. We've currently got ProWORX installed and will be using that once we're able to get the code over. The problem is how do I transfer the information from the P190's to a PC? I was going to hook a p190 into the serial port of my desktop, but the connector on the p190 cable is a male db9, and the computer has a male db9. Can I just hook them together with a gender bender? thanks Nathan email: [email protected] fax: (906) 885-7160 thanks Nathan

Chris Edmonds

Once you have got your ProWorx software you should connect to a running PLC and upload the programs to the PC using the ProWorx package. You can then modify and archive all the programs onto the PC. There is no need to connect the PC to the P190. All the programs that you want to “move across” into ProWorx system will of course need to be installed in an operational and running PLC. If not I suggest you dedicate a PLC (of each type) download the programs from the P190 tapes using a P190, then upload them into the PC using ProWorx. [email protected]
Yes , the solution given by Mr.Chris Edmonds is correct. We exactly did this type of job by just downloading the program from the each running PLC to the Modsoft package few years ago. Modsoft had an optional package for converting 4/5 digit addressing in 484/584 PLCs to 6digit addressing used by the Quantum. The conversion is nearly OK except for the special instructions which uses high speed counters. Kamath RL
You also have to understand that the 484 reads analog values from Input cards as 0-999. Most of the other Modicons use 0-4095 (unless you happen to get some other German cards where the input can be anything). So if your program scales these analog values or uses the raw data, you will have to manually adjust your program. Also to convert to Quantum from 584 or 984ABX the PID instruction uses a different amount of registers than the PID2 block. Also the inputs to the block perform different functions. I'm sure there might be other "gotchas" as well. It would be best to review the program.

Anthony Kerstens

I'm not sure about the 484/585, but in converting from the 884 to 984 compliant processor (Quantum) you have to check more than just the counters. Off the top of my head, I remember the timers, add, subtract, multiply, and division block instruction being different at the discrete outputs of each node. Get a copy of the 484 and 984(Quantum) instruction sets and do a comparison. Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.