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Hevelton Araujo

Hi everybody.
We are developing a supervisory application using WinCC Siemens software. The most of our applications uses just one window to show the trend graph of an analog signal, i. e., when the
user selects a variable in MMI to see the trend graph, before open the trend window, system changes "on line" the reference information (very often TAG NAME) of a predefined pen. We have
done this successfully using Factory Link, Wizcon, Fixdmacs, Rsview and InTouch. But, up to now, we haven't found a solution using WinCC. We have already tried, without success, to change
the template configuration using some functions in pdertcli.h and also altering the WinCC Sybase Database (ARCNAME and VARNAME columns of PDE#CURVETEMPLATEITEMS table). We would appreciate any help.

Hevelton and Anderson.
I'm sorry I did not quite understand your problem. Please rephrase it. I have used WinCC before and I might be able to assist you.