Trying to understand Omron Modbus RTU Protocol Macro

Hello Guys,
I have been trying to study a Machine that have Omron 3g3mv VFDs that is controlled by CJ1m CPU and SCU41-V1 communication card.
The program is written using Protocol macro. I have studied protocol macro for past few days and I have some basic knowledge about it.
I have been trying to replace the 3g3mv VFD with Schneider ATV drive and I am trying to change the protocol macro to be compatible with schneider drive.

I have few questions.
1. You can see that the Message for requesting drive status for Omron VFD here.
And this is the communication traffic generated by above messages.

I have tested the Schneider drive with Modbus and to get the drive status following command has to be send.
  • 01 03 0C 81 00 01 D7 72 Request Drive status from 3201 Register
From this
  • 01 = Drive address,
  • 03 = Read Holding Register,
  • 0C 81= Starting address of the register
  • 00 01 = Number of Registers,
  • D7 72 = CRC
If I was to implement this to Protocol Macro It should look like this,
But when I download the macro and put the plc on run the output looks like this.
Do you guys have any idea why this is happening.? Am I missing something here?


Here are some images for your reference. I am really STUCK with this problem and I will really appreciate any kind of reply.