TXP Commissioning Problems


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Jennifer Knepper

Having problems commissioning TXP system. We are able to go dynamic in the FUP editor, but the signals do not come across the OM650. We've ruled out hardware problems and have no bus faults. Any ideas? Has anyone seen this before?


Sadik Zubair

Check the infra structure files
Load the LAN data to the OM 650
Check if all modules are up and running and their status is 'fue' Specially 'ASR' module should be running to get signals across the OM 650


Jennifer Knepper

Thanks for the quick response. The LAN data was loaded and the status of the modules were "fue" including ASR. The vendor is recommending replacing and reloading the Engineering Station. Are you familiar with this product? Any
comments on its operability? This is the first time I've worked with TXP.
This is not the problem which you are thinking. This is the problem in your profibus communication. Therefore you have to check the IM308 flash card data it have some problem. May I know your location.

U might need to generate the Omsystem data from the TXP menu on Engineering station and transfer this omsysdata to all om components. Before u transfer just stop the om infrastructure on all om components by Om.Stop and once the transfer is finished start them again by Om.Start

this might solve your problem...

if not, just check the connectivity between ES and OM by using rlogin (remote login). If u can able to access all the Om components frm ES then the connectivity is ok... if u cannot login then, check the cable.