Type of valve?

I am building a pipette that will suck and draw air through the same port . The valves in these devices have two push buttons and three ports
and is connected to a diaphragm pump which takes air in one direction and blows it out of the other.
When the top push button is pressed, the pump is activated and the valve has air go from the inlet of the pump to the top port to create a vacuum. When the bottom button is pressed, the path is from the outlet of the pump to the top port. Is anything like this available commercially for cheap?

I have linked an exact version of this:


Also a patent pertaining to the valve assembly:


Any help is appreciated thanks!



It’s unclear what you are trying to achieve - you have provided a link to what you want but something ’for cheap’.
I guess the cheapest way is to make it yourself which you have alluded to.

The pump appears to me the single most expensive item, and as you are in a Control Forum, I would look for electrically controlled valves. When working with industrial pneumatic solutions, the valves and associated pipe work are hand built.

I suspect what I have worked with is a million miles from medical even though the principles are similar.