ultrasonic measurement


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A. Walters

I've not had good experiences with the one brand of Ultrasonic sensor (Son-A-Trol) my plant has for measuring roll diameter. Anyone have a particular brand that seems to work well for them?
We have used a couple different brand of sensors for measuring roll and other diameters to differerent success rates depending upon the object being measured. Here are the three we currently use: HydePark Electronics Massa Products Corporation Pepperl+Fuchs GB Ltd The HydePark seems to be working the best, i.e., it has the most linear output. Here's the web addresses for these three. HydePark = www.hpsensors.com Massa = www.massa.com Pepperl+Fuchs = www.gb.pepperl-fuchs.com I hope that this helps!

Fiona Ritchie

Class Instrumentation (www.classltd.com) have a range of hand held instruments that cover a wide range of applications. Check out the Touchstone 3 for the best gauge to give readings of steel which is heavily coated.