Unity Pro Momentum PLC basic configuration

I'm very new to PLC programming but working with Schneider Electric Unity Pro V13. I am trying to configure a legacy Momentum PLC 171CBU78090 (basic twin serial port PLC) on a ADO34000 base (16 digital outputs). The PLC is configured as a Slave, and is connected to a temperature alarm instrument that acts as Modbus Master, that writes to zonal alarm status bits. I'm just trying to program the slave to operate on zone status locations 10032,10033, 10034 and 11200 and to use those to activate relays on the outputs of the base. I unsure why I'm getting errors when building the system. Can anyone kindly show me the errors of my ways?



I think there is a little confusion in your addressing of the zone status addressing.
If you look at the CPU Configuration page, by default the state ram is allocated 1536 memory bits (%M), you are trying to use locations 10032 and above. Unless you are thinking of Modbus addressing not IEC in which case location 10032 is actually input 32 (10001 being the first input). Also remember Modbus addresses 1x are physical input and cannot be written to.

Change your zone status locations to values under 1536 eg use 1032,1033,1034,1200. Remembering that memory bits share the memory space with outputs ( 0x addresses) - so dont use values 1-16 as you have defined these as your physical outputs.
You would write to these as "coils" 001032, 001033, 001034, 01200 from your master.

variables2.JPGdownload fault.JPGHi Tony,

Thanks for the heads up. Your advice has been really helpful. I have restructured this simple in/out configuration and Unity Pro has confirmed that it has compiled without errors. The master device (temperature monitoring system) is programmed to write zone status (no_alarm/alarm) to %I1032 to 1033) on the slave PLC, common alarm status to %I1200. The PLC base unit ADO340 (16 way digital outputs) are configured at %M0001 to %M0003.

But I've got a response when trying to load this new configuration to the plc indicating some incompatibility issue. I've been able to upload the existing (legacy) PLC configuration to Unity Pro 13. But i get an error as per the attached image indicating some incompatibility error. Is this possibly a PLC firmware issue?

As ever, would appreciate any pointers on this issue from you, or any others with experience..

Kind regards,
Yes it is possibly firmware issue
When you configured hardware, which OS version did you choose? If it is an older CPU it may have out of date firmware.

If you right click on "Momentum Bus" in the configuration and select "Replace Processor", select the "show all versions" option. You can then reconfigure the project for older firmware. Then"Rebuild All" and try download again
Hi Agr,
The plc I have, was running firmware version 1.3. The default selection of processor using Unity_Pro indicates firmware version 2.00 as min. So upgrading the firmware sorted me out. But thanks very much for the tip on "show all versions". Much appreciated!