Connect Unity pro L Schneider PLC simulator with Intouch HMI software

I have a project which I want to simulate Schneider M580 PLC by using Unity Pro L software and try to make the simulator communicate with the Intouch HMI. Is it possible for doing this in local network? The simulator and Intouch software are not running on the same machine but they are connected via a switch.
I haven't used Intouch HMI specifically but I have used the UnityPro Simulator successfully with physical HMIs (Magelis) and CitectSCADA on another PC or seperate VM - I cant see how Intouch HMI would be any different. I assume you are using Modbus/TCP or Ethernet/IP.

I've even had one CitectSCADA system communicate with several Unity Simulations running on seperate Virctual Machines within the same computer.

Just point the Intouch driver to the IP address of your PC running the simulator, and ensure Intouch is communicating using port 502.