Using VB to connect computers through modem


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Dear friends, I want to know wheather we can connect two computer through modem with visual basic. what is the procedure and can any body give the source code.
What is it that you're trying to do exactly? One approach would be to use two MSComm controls, one on each end. In that case you would have to issue the appropriate AT commands to the modems. Another approach would be to use RAS APIs. There are sites out there that show you how to do this in VB.

Indiver Dwivedi

You have not stated what will your application on the two computers do? You can use MSComm control in both the applications, set the communication parameters as required (baud,parity,comport no, etc. etc.) Are you trying to talk to third party device? Tell me what is your intention. You may also need to design a suitable protocol for your applications to talk to eachother. Are you based in India? which city. indiverd @

behnam divsalar

Hi there,
I am going to write an application to get the user's information through telephone directly. that means that user dial by phone and connect to my application and tells his information by specific numbers. user can put his voice message in computer and etc. first question is that what hardware I need and then how can I make connection
to telephone by Visual Basic programming? can I use MSComm control and modem card interface?

please help me if you know anything according this program.

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i am using vb in modem. but my data is not updating. computer to computer thro'232 software is updating. why it is happening? can u help to me!


Truong Minh Vu

Dear sirs,
I would like to make an program that can transfer data from one to another computer throught modem. MSComm controls and AT commands are the way to do it. Please show me some sites that show programmers how to do this in VB.
Thank you very much.
Dear sir,
I am having the same problem with the others in this forum. Could you please advice and best provide with some sample code on how to 'Connect two computer using dial-up modem'? I want to connect to the other computer and transfer data.

I have search high and low and all I got is FTP or fix IP data transfer resources.

Thank you,
aboka - [email protected]
I think it needs an external circute. A micro controller to convert the incomming analog signal into bytes (BCD Code)

Any way, inform me.