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Eddie Robinson

I have a project in which I have to measure the velocity and path of a round non-metallic object in an area 3 feet by 4 feet. This velocity measuring system is to be tied to a laptop data acquisition system and viewable in a graphical format. I have investigated numerous non-contact velocity measuring instruments from fiber optic sensors to photoelectric detectors with timing devices to calculate the velocity. Are there any other velocity sensors that can be used or any other algorithms for determining the velocity and path of this object?
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Eddie L. Robinson

Anthony Kerstens

George Kelk does laser doppler velocimetry. Perhaps they have something that would help.

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David Graham

How about putting optical sensors in the floor, and tracking the object’s shadow? The monitoring computer could convert the position vs time data to velocity. Or, use the technology used by computer touch screens. I believe one method creates a grid of infrared beams, with beam sources on two adjacent sides, and beam sensors on the opposing sides.
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