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Alan Boyd

I would like to use Microsoft Visio to develop HMI screens. Anybody doing this now? If so, any comments?
I haven't seen it used as an HMI for an automation application. I have seen a demo Oracle does where they use it as a user interface to their product configurator. Visio exposes all of its functionality as COM objects, so Oracle
was able to have it provide a graphical user interface. Their configurator provided product information that controlled how the user interface would work. Visio allowed the user to drag and drop a wiring diagram to configure a piece of power distribution equipment. It was slick.

Kerry L. Schrank

In another month, you will be able to use Visio to develop your control system and your HMI screens as Visio will be the front end for Think&Do Software!

Kerry L. Schrank
We have used Visio as a platform to create "function block logic" for our PLC's/RTU's. On completion of the drawing, a program generates the actual downloadable file. As part of this whole package, we can put the drawing in real-time mode and see live values in the drawing. (Sort of HMI) The other thing that we do with visio is to generate background 'pictures' for our HMI. Live data is then super-imposed on the background. This is VB
Contact [email protected] for more info.

Francus, West (IndSys, GEFanuc, Albany)

DataViews has this capability, see, specifically:
DataViews for Visio (Windows 98,2000 & NT)
DataViews for Visio Add-On (Windows 98,2000 & NT)

and features are at


West Francus
GE Fanuc Automation, NA
You might like to check out a new product by "Think and Do" software. They offer an inexpensive PC based control and HMI package that uses Visio to develop and edit graphics. I saw a demonstration of it last week...looks really good. You can check them out at