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Dear Mk6 experts,

We have a VSVO card in slot#7 one in each R-S_T controller apart from having one each in slot#5.

slot#5 VSVO is used for SRV-GCV and liquid fuel servo circuits and slot#7 vsvo not used vide cards configuration. IGV is directly controlled thro VCRC and TRLY card.(20TVX)

We have a problem in the VSVO card at slot#5 in "T" controller.(Failure of Excitation Voltage for LVDT#4-for GCV) which gives Diag.alarm as well as GCV servo got suicided.

Can I make use of the VSVO card at slot#7 as the spare card is NOT currently available? and if so, What is the procedure to be follwed to configure the Slot#7 VSVO card as that for the card of VSVO card of slot#5? Kindly share your views in this regard. Thanx...
Dear Eskay,

if the cards in TMR rack slot #7 are truly spare, and I would make sure that there is no device using these "Spare" cards. Then why not simply trade cards from the slot #5 of "T" core to slot #7 of "T" core? If the excitation voltage of the card in slot #5 of "T" core is failed then it will suicide in slot #7 without a problem.

This way all you will need to do is download the configuration to the swapped card in slot #5. Now understand the correct way to do all this would be to do a full valve calibration sequence of all valves controlled by cards in slot #5, servo polarity check etc.

Bob Johnston

Is this a very old machine with "bang-bang" IGVs (Solenoid operated, not servo operated)? Are you sure you do not have a servo on the IGVs. The normal config. with two VSVO cards is to have fuel on one and IGV on the other. Why is the other card there if it is not being used?
Dear mikeVI,

Thanks for your response. We have VSVO card in slot5 and another VSVO card in slot7 one in each controller. (3 cards in slot1 and 3 cards in slot5).

The VSVO card in slot #7 is not used and neither configured. We have direct acting solenoid valve 20TV for IGV thro 20tvX logic signal. Ours is a retrofit turbine, and the control was changed from Mk2 to Mk6.

Hence, i would like to replace only one VSVO card from slot#7 to slot#5 at "T" core. I have already measured the LVDT excitation voltage for LVDT#4 at the VSVO/TSVO card in "T" and found to be low. (1.5volt instead of 7.0Vrms.) I would like to remove one of the slot#7 VSVO card and use it in slot#5. Then configure this vsvo card in slot1 for "T" thro UPLOAD procedure.

Am i right in doing this? OR further any precautions necessary.

Kindly suggest..Thanx..

with the turbine shut down I would suggest shutting down all cores, R, S, T and X, Y, Z. Then swap the cards from slot 7 to slot 5 in "T" c ore. Then power up all cores. Once all cores are up and synchronized (All LED's flashing in sync) then you can select MKVI TMR and right click the VSVO card in slot #5. Click download to download the card configuration. Once complete I would then download firmware to the same card slot.

I would then verify your LVDT excitation voltage is correct to see if the card was the source of the problem. Now I would suggest a calibration and stroke check of all valves associated with slot #5 VSVO. Clear all diagnostics and verify all values and parameters look good.
Dear Mr.Bob Johnston,

Thanks for ur response.

Yes. ours is a retrofit Fr5 turbine from Mk2 to Mk6 control. Hence we have NO control of IGV thro VSVO card. IGV is controlled directly thro L20tvx signal acting on 20TV solenoid. Slot#5 VSVO card used for SRV-GCV and Distillate Fuel, along with 2TSVO cards. Slot#7 VSVO card, hence is a spare one with 3 VSVO card, one in each "R-S-T core. That's why I would like to make use of a VSVO card in slot7 for the failed VSVO card in slot#5. Pls advice and suggest further. Thanx...

Thanks for the suggestion. After downloading the configuration to slot#5 of "T" thro "down load" in the pop-up menu, and then to down load "Firmware" -what is to be done? just by booting the "T" contrller? Pls advice...Thanx..
Dear Eskay,

You are basically correct. When you select download the default is that the configuration only is downloaded. By selecting "firmware", it will also select the configuration. The sequence is that the firmware will be downloaded and then once complete it will download the configuration to all cards in the slot. Once this is complete the sequence will reboot the card. You must wait then for the card to get synchronized with the rest of the cards in the rack. Then you can perform a diagnostic and master reset which should bring the card back online.
As mentioned you should then perform a calibration check to verify all currents and feedbacks agree on all cores.

I wanted to swap the VSVO card from slot#7 to slot#5 of "T" core and then follow the procedures as advised by you. But meanwhile, I have received a new VSVO card of the same version which I put in slot#5 of "T" core and downloaded. Now the problem is sorted out and VSVO is back on line with all diag. alarms "RESET".

Thanks for your advice and for sharing your views with me. Regards...