Wanted: access to a ControlLogix PLC


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Ron Gage

Hi Folks: I have decided to revive the "sleeping" CIP/Ethernet Library for Linux (CELL) project. To facilitate accurate coding for the project, I would need access (via the internet) to a ControlLogix PLC. Can anyone be so kind as to point me towards a ControlLogix PLC that I can have access to? The CELL project aims to (initially) provide direct read/write data table access between a ControlLogix PLC and a Linux PC via Ethernet. This includes both program scoped and global scoped variables. Other functionality will be added as needed (and once I discover the command structure). This project, once started, will be available under my "free" license - in other words, you will be free to do with my library as you wish. I only ASK for attribution - named credit for my code - and contribution - return improvements you make to the library back to me for incorporation into the library. These will NEVER be demands (like the GPL). Can anyone help me here? Ron Gage - Saginaw, MI ([email protected])