Westinghouse PLC software & cable?


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I need to find some software and a cable to make some programming changes for a customer. This is (hopefully) a one-time thing, so I really don't want to spend the typical thousands of bucks for a rarely/never-again used CD.

Any ideas?

I seem to recall Westinghouse using Siemens S5 PLC's years ago. Do you think this is what it is? Do you have a part number?

I hope you are not into the HPPC type plc's there is a key disk to run the software. You might tyr with Cutler-Hammer they have taken over responsibilty for the Y2K stuff. Wish ya luck,
The Westinghouse Numalogic PLC model 700, 900, 1100, 1200 and 1250 used a programming package called DOC784 or DOC786 which was distributed on Floppy disks

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> The PLC model is #NLPS-530. I have no other info about it.

The 500 Series is actually a Siemens S5-100U series PLC - the part number you referenced is the Power Supply. The best bet for programming support is to contact a Siemens Distributor and ask them for help with the Programming SW for S5.


I can definitely help you out on this one. As noted previously, this processor is a brand labeled Siemens S5-100 processor which was programmed with the Westinghouse NLSW-3104 software. This software, in turn, was a brand labeled version of our PLC WorkShop for Siemens S5-100 software.

We still sell and support this DOS based product. We also sell a Windows version which programs these same processors (Westinghouse Series 500). Download demos of each of these products from our website at www.fast-soft.com.

We stock and sell communications kits as well which include a current loop converter, power supply, and cable for this software.

For more information or pricing information, please call me at 1-414-358-8088.

Thanks. Joe

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P.S. For your interest, there was also a Cutler-Hammer brand label version.