WinCC runtime - Group display hierarchy has not been updated error


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While in runtime, this message came up in the group display section (top bar of the screen) when first loaded. What follows is that the runtime couldn't log error, warning...etc. Anybody seen this problem/know how to fix them?

david mertens

This message appears when a picture has been changed and the picture tree is not updated. You can update the picture tree by opening the picture tree manager and save the project. While saving, all hierarchy links are recalculated for the picture tree. This is needed to pass event state information from lower level pictures to
higher level pictures, to update the picture selection buttons, etc...
Good luck.
This message came up in WinCC runtime for some unknown reason and, thank you, David Martens for providing the information (detail on 4Apr02, HMI section). The display were healthy again, ie alarm logging was again normal and group display was correct. However, the PC was shut off this morning and, the problem came up again.

No picture change was made. I was told that the PC was made to reset as the batch plant display went 'grey'. Hardware diagnostic-->module information does not show any disconnection of the batch plant PLC.

Any idea how to solve this part of the 'mystery' i.e. bringing the group display to a proper functional state again?