WinXP dcom settings


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M. Frasca

Does anyone know the proper dcom settings for ABB, ConductorNT 6.0 on Windows XP Pro O/S that would allow for the clients to access the tag data from either of 2 isolated servers? I can't search Solutions Bank anymore. My eyes are falling out.
And frankly, the chances of you finding the answer in SolutionsBank are about zero anyway. Go here, ... ... and Download their OPC Security Analyzer. That should point you in the right direction.

DCOM is an absolute nightmare. Mostly you need to go to COM Security and "Edit Default" and "Edit Limits" to include "everybody" with local and remote access. The "Edit Limits" feature was added with Win XP SP2 and catches everybody out . If you are trying to use DCOM to access a computer not in your own domain you can pretty much forget it. You can try using a tunneler to bypass DCOM altogether but if you're trying to use full function Operator Station clients on an ABB server its a really bad idea.