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Donald Pittendrigh

Hi All I am looking for reference sites for a project which is coming up and wonder if anyone on the list has knowledge of a woodchipping plant, (logs chipped for the paper industry) which uses a Variable Speed Drive for the chipper motor. Currently the motor spec ia for a 1.2MW slipring. Regards Donald Pittendrigh

Bob Saccoccia

Donald: This may not help you because of the horsepower, but I did a retrofit a few years back where we put Danfoss open loop vector AC drives on some existing chipping heads on a "Chip-N-Saw" line at a sawmill. By establishing and maintaining a ratio of log speed to chipper speed, we could control chip size. E-mail me at [email protected] if you would like further information. Bob Saccoccia Sacco Systems Edgefield, SC