Woodward DSLC-2, Toolkit over Ethernet

I am experiencing a weird lock/unlock while I'm online with two DSLC-2 using Toolkit over Ethernet. Frequently and at random times, the screen’s values will 'refresh' and the values will come back with a lock symbol and the values are grayed out. Then it will 'refresh' again coming back without the lock symbol and ungrayed. The cycle takes about a second to complete and sometimes it will repeat several times back-to-back, making it difficult to see the data and/or make any changes to the DSLC.

These DSLC's also communicate with Woodward 505 turbine controllers. I randomly get an alarm on the 505, I don't remember exactly, but unable to get KW load reference from DLSC-2. The alarm will clear, but will comeback.

If I connect directly to the DLSC using the serial cable, I do not experience this issue. My IT Dept. tells me that they don’t see any issues with the vlan on that network. I have tried several different computers. One computer was directly connected to the same Ethernet switch as the DLSC and on the same vlan.

What else can I do to troubleshoot or resolve this issue?
Is there anything I can tell my IT Dept. to monitor that might be causing the issue?