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Bob Page

Would like to help. Have limited but growing C experience. Have 40+ years experience writing very detailed specifications for various control systems: Analog, DDC, time sharing, DCS (PLC networks as well as the dinosaurs)... Am familiar with various protocols including Modbus. Have used protocol analyzer to debug Modbus problems on a TDC 2000 several years ago. Can you suggest a task that needs to be done to further the cause. Thanks for your help. Bob Page, Computer Integrated Systems Inc, Houston, 281-497-7954, fax 281-870-1360

Curt Wuollet

Welcome Bob! If you want to help you've come to the right place. Whatever you really, really, have always wanted to do, we need it. I'm sure the crew can come up with some suggestions. I gotta run, it's 17:30 and I promised the wife I'd be home in time for dinner at least one night this week. Regards cww _______________________________________________ LinuxPLC mailing list [email protected] http://linuxplc.org/mailman/listinfo/linuxplc

Mario de Sousa

> Bob Page wrote: > > Would like to help. > Have limited but growing C experience. > (...) Hi Bob, May I sugest you follow the same path as Phillip? Once you understand the basic design, and what we have working, maybe you can decide for yourself how you would like to help out. Otherwise I can surely give a few sugestions. It all really depends on what you really mean by 'limited but growing C experience'. > > Thanks for your help. It is we who have you to thank. Cheers, Mario. -- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mario J. R. de Sousa [email protected] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The box said it requires Windows 95 or better, so I installed Linux _______________________________________________ LinuxPLC mailing list [email protected] http://linuxplc.org/mailman/listinfo/linuxplc