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How Torque Motors Help Solve Today’s Industry Challenges

November 06, 2023 by Genesis Motion Solutions

This paper describes concepts of geared and torque motors providing inertia ratio and gear equations, along with a discussion on geared motor challenges, and examines the solution to those challenges - torque motors.

White Paper Overview 

Making the change from a traditional geared motor solution to a torque motor solution has real benefits for a variety of industry automation and motion systems within packaging, assembly, semiconductors, and robotics. While gears help achieve load torque requirements for servo motors, torque motors offer a significant advantage to system integrators.

  • Dynamic Performance — Improves accuracy, rigidity, repeatability, acceleration, and stopping time by fully eliminating backlash.
  • Faster Settling Times — Load is directly mounted to the rotor and bypasses other transmission components. When the load settles faster, the motion profile is completed faster, offering improved throughput compared to geared actuators.
  • Compact Size — Higher torque density than servo motors of a similar size, so a gear is not always needed to achieve the load torque requirements. This size of the actuator is reduced to only the motor and load.

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