3Diligent Opens Beta Program for New Software to Advance Logistics in Manufacturing

September 12, 2020 by Ben Stepanian

3Diligent announced its new ProdEx and Shopsight software to help aid logistics issues in the manufacturing industry due to COVID-19 and to advance the industry. 

This software is in a beta phase for qualified users to order specially made parts. In the evolving industrial age, ordering and requesting a quote for parts is crucial to keeping up with advancements. These new tools are helpful for managing projects and to ease the product development cycle.


Combining Automation and Professional Support

This type of software combines automated estimation with professional support to fulfill the customer's needs. An RFQ input into Prodex's secure web interface is all the customer needs to do to be able to receive insight into the production of their part. 

Even if the customer isn't sure what material the part should be made of and how it should be manufactured, experts at 3Diligent are there to help. ProdEx and Shopsight offer 3D printing, CNC machining, sheet metal forming, casting, and injection molding.

Much like package tracking, customers can receive real-time information on their part in the process and when it will be ready.


The ProdEx software shown here. Image courtesy of 3Diligent.


Though these are subscription-based services with a free trial, the company claims the fees will save you time and hassle.

"With ProdEX Connect features, engineers and buyers benefit from our Industry 4.0 tools, whether they are working with longstanding suppliers or seeking new partners from our vetted ProdEX production network," said Cullen Hilkene, 3Diligent CEO.

3Diligent aims to make the product development cycle as easy as possible for their customers. They won't just view your CAD drawing or file. Instead, they will dissect it and work with you to even try and re-iterate it into a better version that could save you time and money.


A dime-sized reference next to 3D printed microstructures. Image courtesy of 3Diligent.


After this iterative process, your part arrives precisely to the agreed-upon specs. A service means that your part comes correctly. Otherwise, 3Diligent will make sure it is done right the second time. 


Opportunity Expansion

Services offered by 3Diligent create jobs for individuals who are knowledgeable about manufacturing and consultation. This particular type of service also represents a new industry of online RFQ services.

Since we are in a pandemic, services like ProdEx keep people working and small companies from tanking.

"Connect represents an exciting step forward for our ProdEX and Shopsight applications," said Cullen Hilkene, 3Diligent CEO. Professionals at 3Diligent are willing to meet with customers via Zoom call to answer any questions or solve problems with parts' production.