OnRobot Releases New Single Pad Gecko Gripper

February 24, 2020 by Maddie Bradshaw

This week, OnRobot has released the latest product to expand on the existing family of Gecko Grippers.

This week, OnRobot, an industrial automation company that specializes in cobot and robot applications, released it’s new single-pad (SP) Gecko Gripper for small payload jobs. 


Who is OnRobot?

Founded in 2015, OnRobot AS is a fast-growing industrial automation company headquartered in Odense, Denmark. They specialize in cobot and robot accessories for a variety of different applications. The company is highly focused on having a one-system solution, creating a more simple and unified autonomous structure.

They achieve this by designing a complete line of plug-and-produce end-of-arm tooling (EoAT). This aims to help small to medium-sized manufacturers create a cohesive autonomous floor.  


New Single Pad Gripper Designed With Easy Use and Flexibility

The gripper is designed for small payload jobs, making it compact and lightweight. It is specifically used for end-of-arm tooling. The new grippers provide some unique features to serve the robot arm. Some of the features are listed below.


  • The gripper is built with pre-integrated software and requires a small amount or no programming prior to usage. This is designed for people with non-technical backgrounds to be able to install and use the gripper.
  • The small payload gripper is flexible and can grip a wide variety of surfaces, including perforated surfaces such as aluminum mesh, printed circuit boards, and other smaller items that require more careful handling. 
  • The new Gecko Gripper is available in a number of sizes including, SP1, SP3, and SP5. These numbers refer to the gripper in terms of kilos. 
  • The gripper provides no-mark gripping based on adhesive technology to ensure that items are left looking clean and shiny without damaging them. 
  • The new gripper is suitable for both robots and cobots.


new gecko gripper from ONRobot

New Single-pad Gecko Gripper. Image used courtesy of OnRobot. 


According to their website, the Gecko Gripper uses the same adhesive gripping mechanism as the feet of a gecko, with over a million small fibers that stick to a surface of an object and generate a strong hold.

The new Gecko Gripper aims to provide faster, more productive solutions while also being a low-cost item. OnRobot's intentions with this new gripper are to provide automation solutions that were previously impossible to automate. 

The gripper is designed specifically to work alongside small footprint robots and cobots. These are just a few of the key features of the new Gecko Gripper. 

In January of 2019, the Gecko Gripper first became available for worldwide commercial use. Since then, the gripper family has grown significantly and won several awards, including winning first place in the industrial automation category at the 2019 LEAP Awards.


Built for Numerous Applications Including Plug & Play

OnRobot's sensing technologies and flexibility allow for this gripper to be used in an array of different applications such as packaging, palletizing, quality assurance testing and inspection, pick and placemachine tending, and more. 

Pick and place applications in the past have required gentle human fingers to transport objects. This gripper aims to provide that same careful handling capabilities. Grippers built for the small payload category often come with these careful handling features to ensure productivity and less down-time for the engineer. 


single-pad gripper in action

New SP Gecko Gripper being used on the autonomous factory floor. Image used courtesy of OnRobot. 


This gripper can function without the need for air supply or electronics. Simply pick the robot or cobot of your choice and attach the gripper for easy use. 


Do you use small payload grippers such as this one? What applications do you use this kind of technology for?