OnRobot Releases New Palletizing System for Collaborative and Industrial Robots

June 03, 2022 by Damond Goodwin

Using a combination of software, gripper, lift mount, and loading station, the OnRobot Palletizer is a flexible, customizable option for all kinds of robot types and pallet-loading scenarios.

A New Palletizing Solution

OnRobot recently released their latest collaborative palletizing solution, the OnRobot Palletizer. The system is designed to fit many different robot models, for a wide range of palletizing options. OnRobot will be displaying the system at Automate, booth #4118, where they hope to show visitors (including our own engineering team) the value in their latest product. It works well in the low volume high mix applications, including the health, pharmaceutical, logistics, and manufacturing industries.

The OnRobot Palletizer is designed to work with models of both light industrial and collaborative robots, in order to simplify the automation process as well as simplify programming. Their hope is to save workers from the often strenuous task of palletizing products, while reducing the time and difficulty often associated with robotic integration.


OnRobot Palletizer

OnRobot palletizing system allows easy setup and configuration of an entire work cell. Image used courtesy of OnRobot


How Does the OnRobot Palletizer Work?

The OnRobot Palletizer works by bolting directly to a number of common collaborative and light industrial robots. The system is currently compatible with Doosan, FANUC, OMRON, Techman, and Universal Robots (UR) brands. It has been designed with space saving in mind to help customers fit the system into their palletizing processes without difficulty.

It is available as a complete palletizing system or as components that can be selected individually for customized applications. The system fits most floor plans and has the ability to handle many different types of boxes, including open boxes. The 2FGP20 wide stroke is an electrical gripper that can be used to grip open boxes or boxes with a heavy payload of up to 20kgs. The gripper is customizable to fit most applications, even open box processes. In addition to just gripping ability, the 2FGP20 is has an integrated electric vacuum capable of picking and placing slip sheets without the need for gripper changes. This helps to save time and efficiency that is lost by gripper changes.

The system is also available with the Lift100 and a pallet station. The Lift100 acts as a 7th axis for the robot allowing it to change base heights for higher reach. It has a payload of 100kgs and has a TÜV-certified stop-functionality for safe and effective collaborative deployments. The stop functionality helps to make the lift more accurate even at high speeds. The pallet station provides pallets used in the process a secure location, while an equipped sensor sends pallet presence signals to the robot.


OnRobot gripper

OnRobot multi-use electric gripper for box picking with integrated vacuum for placing separator sheets. Image used courtesy of OnRobot


Software Solution

OnRobot palletizing comes with software to make the system easier to program and integrate into the current plant processes. It includes a user interface that guides users through the programming process from start to finish and all components are included in the intuitive interface.

The software is designed to reduce deployment time by walking the end user or the integrator through a step by step process for initial system setup. OnRobot claims that an inexperienced user can program the system in a single day after the physical installation is complete, contrasted with a several-day setup for traditional palletizing systems. Redeployment promises to be even faster with programming completion expected in half a day. OnRobot also has a system for online learning to help expedite the process called the Learn OnRobot e-learning platform.

OnRobot has worked to develop a collaborative system that is capable of fitting into many different palletizing applications. They have worked to make it advantageous over current systems on the market based on the lightweight design of the gripper, easy to use interface, and a fast deployment time. The OnRobot palletizer also offers customers a solution for open boxes that usually require alternative gripping methods since most vacuum grippers will not work on open boxes.

OnRobot will be showcasing the new palletizing system at Automate 2022, as well as featuring products in partner booths including Acieta, featuring a machine tending FANUC CRX robot with an OnRobot dual-gripper, Eckhart with an OnRobot sander attached to a UR10 arm, and partner EMI Corp with various optional attachments for OnRobot tooling systems. We encourage you to visit Automate 2022 to see these and other great live demonstrations!