Robotiq’s New PE20 Aims to Set the Standard for Palletizing Efficiency

September 10, 2023 by Bob Odhiambo

Robotiq recently released the new PE20 palletizing solution. The solutions come with impressive features and a user-friendly design for palletizing efficiency.

Robotiq is a company dedicated to simplifying innovative robotic automation solutions such as collaborative robots (cobots) around the world.

The company recently announced the newest addition to its lineup: the new PE20 palletizing solution. Being the third palletizing solution released by the company, the PE20 delivers higher performance with its impressive features in the packaging automation industry.


New PE20 from Robotiq

The new PE20 Robotiq palletizing solution. Image used courtesy of Robotiq


Capabilities of The PE20 Palletizing Solution

This new design incorporates the latest model produced by one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cobots, the UR20, announced just this past July.

In the PE series Robotiq palletizing lineup, the PE20 takes an impressive position with its ability to handle a large payload capacity of up to 18 kg (40 lb) and a 2150 mm (84 in) stacking height. The PE20 palletizing solution is designed for industries looking to scale up operations and optimize performance.


PE20’s Compact Design and Integration

One of the notable features of the PE20 is its highly compact design, just like the PE10 and the AX10, predecessors in the Robotiq lineup of palletizing solutions. This makes it easy to use and simpler to integrate, enhancing simplicity in operation. With a frameless and narrow base, the PE20’s volume is minimized, making it very small and adaptable in the cobot industry. Industries can save on those added expenses that come with reorganizing the production floor to make room for large work cell installs. The PE20’s cables and controllers can be easily accessed during troubleshooting and maintenance.

The PE20 has enhanced flexibility as it can be effortlessly moved to different settings with its fork slot design. The movement is further enhanced with its angled base edge design, facilitating smoother handling of pallet patterns with overhang boxes. To further smoothen the operation of handling overhang patterns, a photoelectric palletizing sensor is used.


Forklift slots for easy mobility

The PE20 has angled base edges with fork slots for easy relocation when needed. Image used courtesy of Robotiq


Revolutionary End Effector

Equipped with the PowerPick20 vacuum gripper, the PE20 can handle large payloads by use of multiple suction cups that generate suction force on the grip. With the PowerPick20 being the only standard palletizing gripper for Universal Robot's next-generation arm (UR20), it equips the PE20 with adaptability, performance, and fast deployment rates.

PE20 has simple detachable standard PowerPick20 gripper sizes with an easy setup using only Allen keys to fit the unit and a dual-channel external controller to optimize the gripper's operation with effective slip-sheet management. This removes the need of having to program complex custom grippers.


Standardized pneumatic grippers for the PE20

The PE20 palletizing solutions’ PowerPick20 Vacuum gripper. Image used courtesy of Robotiq


PE20 Simplified Programming Interface

Robotiq offers user-friendly and intuitive software for the PE20 palletizing solution that needs zero hard-coding programming, a concept known as low-code, or even no-code programming to ease the integration complexity of traditional systems. With a visually interactive interface and in-built modules, the setup is made simple with an easy-to-follow sequence. These solutions include the pre-connection and the pre-programming of the PE20, eliminating the need to develop a custom program.


Palletizing Solutions for the 21st Century

Most packaging industries and businesses are often looking to improve or scale up their businesses for optimized profit with reduced expenses. Being more than just hardware and software, the PE20 Robotiq palletizing solution sets it apart from most with its close attention to detail for the optimization of the robot trajectories for a variety of infeed options, pallet patterns, cycle times, and the type of the materials. This Robotiq palletizing solution offers industries tremendous value for their investment with its cost-effective choice.