“iisy Does It”: KUKA Releases Two New Cobot Models

September 28, 2022 by Stephanie Leonida

KUKA announces the release of two new lightweight, long-reaching industrial cobots for flexible automation applications—the “big iisys.”

Germany-based company KUKA, specialist in the manufacture and distribution of intelligent robotics solutions for factory automation, announced the release of two new cobot recruits for the industrial automation workforce. The LBR iisy 15 kg and LBR iisy 11 kg—or “big iisys” cobots—are lightweight, long-reaching, and provide operators with a higher ingress protection (IP) rating to suit a variety of automated tasks. Application areas include testing, handling, measuring/inspection, assembly, machine loading/unloading, palletizing/packaging, and pick and place. 


KUKA's LBR iisy collaborative robots
KUKA’s LBR iisy cobots are the first to run on iiQKA.OS. Image used courtesy of KUKA


LBR iisy and iiQKA.OS

The big iisys are the first bots (along with KUKA’s 3kg payload LBR iisy version) that run on KUKA’s iiQKA.OS. The OS is designed to allow operators to set up, run programs for, and re-program the cobot to maintain operations as effectively as possible. The iiQKA.OS runs alongside KUKA’s iiQKA Ecosystem which provides users with access to the company’s automation solutions, as well as that of industry partners (such as SICK, Roboception, SCHUNK, and SCHMALZ). 

Customers can access KUKA’s iiQKA pre-launch package to test the capabilities of using the new cobot LBR iisy alongside the iiQKA.OS and iiQKA Ecosystem. Through KUKA’s ecosystem, customers can access the KR C5 micro, a compact controller that enables robot system operation at 230 V. The iiQKA Ecosystem also provides users with access to KUKA smartPAD pro. Running alongside iiQKA.OS, KUKA’s operating device is designed to provide fast commissioning and efficient robot operation without the need for extensive programming knowledge. 

KUKA's two new cobots in the LBR series

KUKA's big iisy bots have a reach range of up to 1,300 mm and can be wall, ceiling, or floor mounted. Image used courtesy of KUKA 


Reaching Towards New Possibilities

The six-axis LBR iisy 11 kg and 15 kg cobots have a reach of 1,300 and 930 mm, respectively, and can be wall, ceiling, or floor mounted to suit different application requirements. The LBR iisy cobots exhibit a streamlined and soft-edged design to aid handling and their lightweight makes moving to other work areas more economical concerning the effort required.

Bots from the LBR iisy series come with sensitive joint torque sensors with one for each axis. This allows the cobot to safely navigate its working environment with certified collision protection. Humans can teach the LBR iisy cobots manually and work with them in unfenced areas if desired. 


Zollner Elektronik AG tries on KUKA’s LBR iisy for size. Video used courtesy of KUKA 


The LVR iisy cobots come with a pre-configured gripper but can be fitted with various others to suit application needs. Other optional features include vision systems with three-dimensional (3D) image recognition, simulation software (in the form of KUKA.Sim), a 24 V power supply, and an external system for energy supply. 


iisy Operation

According to KUKA, cobots can be set up and operated within 90 minutes by using a graphical user interface (GUI) with drag-and-drop functions, teaching through KUKA’s ergonomic Commander, and exacting operational control through the smartPAD pro. KUKA believes that businesses, small to medium in size, can benefit from a speedier setup with little or no programming needed or complex integration.