ABB Partners with CORYS to Advance Simulation Technology in Process and Energy Sectors

December 30, 2020 by Robin Mitchell

ABB and CORYS partner to advance digital twin modeling and simulation technology in industrial processes.

The companies join forces in hopes to improve control applications through quality simulation techniques. 


Who is CORYS?

CORYS is a manufacturer of training and engineering simulators for rail, energy, and hydrocarbon industries. The French company was founded in 1997, has subsidiaries in the US, China, and India, and employs over 14,000 people worldwide.


CORYS PWR nuclear training tools suite. Image courtesy of CORYS.


CORYS is a critical player in the nuclear simulation industry, providing many nuclear sites with the ability to train new workers without operating real equipment. To date, CORYS has delivered over 3700 simulators to various industrial and engineering applications. 


The Agreement 

The companies signed an MoU to improve digital twin technologies and drive down the capital and operational costs for industrial training. The term digital twin has been gaining traction in the industry lately and refers to a digital clone of an industrial process. 


ABB and CORYS have started collaboration at this site at the Sadara Chemical Company. Image courtesy of ABB.


Digital twinning allows users to effectively pretend to operate the plant, experiment with controls, and make mistakes without affecting real-life hardware.

While workers train on a practice piece of hardware, this can be dangerous depending on the equipment they're using. However, a digital twin poses no safety risks allowing a user to become familiar with the physical machine much faster. 

The companies are hopeful that this agreement will create a better teaching platform and allow operators to identify potential improvements later in industrial processes.


ABB and CORYS Simulation Capabilities 

ABB, a manufacturer of industrial equipment, has developed a simulation solution called Ability 800xA, which provides a complete digital replica of a plant's control system. 

CORYS offers a simulation solution called Indiss Plus, which provides modeling thermodynamic industrial processes to simulate plant start-up and shut-down. CORYS' Indiss Plus delivers a generic model to teach the concepts of equipment, processes, plant control, and how to deal with abnormalities and dangerous scenarios.

The combination of Ability 800xA and Indiss Plus creates a simulation environment that demonstrates how various machines and industrial processes work and how those processes react to changes to controls and environmental conditions. 



The combination can provide operators the chance to understand how to deal with dangerous scenarios to access key controls instead of reading up emergency procedures in a manual.  

The use of digital twins will only continue to increase. Allowing workers to experiment can unlock creativity and allow for a deeper understanding of industrial processes by operators. Using remote technologies can allow operators to work remotely from sites, improving employee safety, and enabling remote access.

ABB and CORYS hope their new partnership will combine advanced plant process simulation and effectively virtualize industrial processes.