Acieta Launches New Robotic Machine Loading Cell to Increase Machine Utilization

July 21, 2020 by Sara McCaslin

Acieta, a leading manufacturer of industrial robotic systems, has announced the launch of a new high-speed robotic machine loading cell, the FastLOAD DR2000.

Acieta is an automation solution specialist with over 5,000 robotic installations across North America. Their focus is primarily on industrial robotics with the goal of increasing productivity through the smart use of automation technology. Acieta serves a variety of industries, including automotive, foundries, aerospace, pharmaceutical, medical, die casting, and sealing. Most of their product installations involve manufacturing applications that range from basic material handling to complex assembly.


The Need for Automation in Manufacturing

Many facilities are looking into automation and industrial robotics as a means of addressing problems with labor shortage and capacity, while others are interested in the potential for a higher level of repeatability for critical processes. At the same time, there is a growing demand for cost-effective automation solutions that increase efficiency and lower costs. 


The FastLOAD DR2000 machine loading cell has an easy-to-use touch interface and extensive customization options. Image courtesy of Acieta.


One specific area of interest among manufacturers is fast, dependable, and automated means of loading and unloading of workpieces and parts. To that end, Acieta has launched the FastLOAD DR2000, a high-speed robotic machine tool cell.


Acieta’s New Machine Tool Cell

The Acieta FastLOAD DR2000 helps increase machine utilization and is pre-engineered not only for faster delivery and setup but also to meet the most common industrial machine tooling needs. At the same time, it can also be highly customized for use in many different applications involving a range of part sizes. It is designed so that operators can safely load and unload parts while the robot is in operation.

The FastLOAD DR2000 can be programmed to operate for lights-out manufacturing, which helps users to maximize the use of existing equipment, including machines that are under-utilized because of labor shortages. The cost makes it accessible to even small shops and is a low-risk option for facilities just making an entry into automation. The FastLOAD DR2000 also provides the necessary flexibility to support an agile approach to manufacturing, and when installed by Acieta it is RIA safety compliant. 


FastLOAD DR2000 Specifications

The FastLOAD DR2000 is designed to have a small 951 mm x 1166 mm base footprint combined with safety area scanners so that little to no fencing is required. An operator can safely load and unload parts from up to six different 585 x 850 mm drawers ranging in maximum part height from 55 mm to 325 mm. 


The Acieta FastLOAD DR2000 machine loading cell has area safety scanners for enhanced safety without the need for fencing. Image used courtesy of Acieta.

There are five different 6-axis FANUC robot options to choose from, with reaches ranging from 1636mm to 2272mm.

The DR2000 also comes standard with two gripper options. A two jaw gripper for square parts and a three-jaw gripper for round parts. Customized grippers can also be added. The standard grippers work with parts ranging in diameter (or width) from 16 mm to 144 mm. In addition, it can quickly be reconfigured to support new processes and is ready for delivery and installation in as little as eight weeks.

Acieta’s new robotic machine loading cell has been designed to help both small and large manufacturing facilities achieve better equipment utilization and more efficient processing while reducing costs and freeing up employees to better focus on more challenging tasks.

According to Mark Sumner, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Acieta, “Companies using the FastLOAD DR2000 typically see a return on investment in 24 months or less because they increase capacity and can reduce the cost per part.”