“Among the Fastest in the Industry”: Omron Automation’s Slim Relays

February 03, 2023 by Shawn Dietrich

Omron Industrial Automation has released two new styles of industrial relays to its existing lineup. The slim-style relays are available as mechanical or solid-state and offer a reduced footprint being only 6.2 mm wide.

Since 1933, Omron Industrial Automation has been known worldwide as a global provider of automation components and control systems. Its product offerings today include PLCs, HMIs, remote I/O, barcode readers, machine vision, sensors, and robotics. Recently, Omron added slim options targeting heating applications and bottling lines to their relays. 


Omron Automation G2RV-ST and G3RV-ST relays

Omron claims their latest relays are "among the fastest in the industry." Image used courtesy of Omron Industrial Automation


What is a Relay?

A relay is a component that opens or closes a circuit with an electrical signal. Typically this electrical signal is of much lower voltage than the circuit being switched. Within a typical machine control electrical cabinet, you might find relays that switch large and small circuits with only 24 VDC. The PLC usually controls these relays because the PLC doesn’t have the capability to switch large circuit loads. Standard relays can be quite bulky and take up a lot of space within the electrical cabinet. Slim relays are available but will have limited reaction time and lower switching loads. 


The G2RV-ST and G3RV-ST Slim Relays

The two new relays offered by Omron are the G2RV-ST and the G3RV-ST. The G2RV-ST is an electromechanical relay, while the G3RV-ST is a solid state (SSR) relay. Both relays are 6.2 mm wide, greatly reducing the amount of space used within the electrical cabinet. The relay consists of two parts: the body with the relay socket and the relay itself. Both versions have a secure locking lever arm for the relay socket, push-in wiring, and LED indicator. 


Multipe angles of the G2RV-ST Series that show the relay's slimness

Multiple angles of the G2RV-ST Series show the relay's slimness. Images adapted and used courtesy of Omron Industrial Automation


The G2RV-ST has different variations supporting the following coil voltages: 12 VDC, 24 VDC, and 48 - 230 VAC, all of which have a single pole double throw configuration. The contact ratings are divided into two categories: standard and microloads. The standard contacts can switch resistive loads up to 6 A at 440 VAC or 125 VDC. The microload contacts will support only resistive loads with a max current of 50 mA at 30 VAC or 36 VDC.

The G3RV-ST is a solid-state relay, meaning there are no moving parts, only integrated circuits to switch the circuit load. This relay style allows for a much shorter switching time and is commonly used in high-speed applications. The G3RV-ST has a listed operation time of 0.2 ms and a release time of 0.4 ms.

The G3RV-ST has the same coil voltage ratings as the G2RV-ST with additional part numbers for high-speed switching. The contact ratings are divided by the type of switching voltage—Photo-Triac contacts are used for AC loads up to 2 A at 100 to 240 VAC, whereas Photo voltage couplers are used for DC loads up to 3 A at 5 - 24 VDC. There are two types of Photo-Triac models, with zero cross function and without zero cross function. 


Relays for industrial control panels and control cabinets

The G2RV-ST and G3RV-ST are intended for applications that require high-speed signaling. Image used courtesy of Omron Industrial Automation


Targeted Industries

Almost every industry that uses electrical control systems can use the G2RV-ST—electromechanical relays are very affordable and versatile. While the G2RV-ST doesn’t have a large switching load, the slim size allows for more relays in a small footprint. With the G3RV-ST being solid-state, the switching load is even less than the G2RV-ST, but the speed at which the load can be switched is much higher. These relays are intended for applications that require high-speed signaling or pulse trains.