AVEVA and Schneider Electric Further Develop AVEVA’s Unified Supply Chain Platform

October 09, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

AVEVA released an enhanced version of its AVEVA Unified Supply Chain platform to provide supply chain visibility for the oil and gas industry.

AVEVA encourages digital transformation by providing engineering and software products and solutions across a range of industries, including energy, chemicals, marine, mining, manufacturing, infrastructure, and power.


Expanding Supply Chain Solutions

The company offers solutions ranging from cameras for security and application monitoring, IIoT and data integration platforms, data analysis, augmented and virtual reality operator training systems, and more. 

Recently, AVEVA  announced the latest enhancement to the AVEVA Unified Supply Chain platform, Real-time Crude. This platform offers users unique tools to better access specific crude oil data. 


AVEVA and Schneider

AVEVA’s Real-time Crude platform solution was developed with Schneider Electric. Both AVEVA and Schneider bring analytical equipment and software with machine learning techniques to the table. Users can find the Real-time Crude platform on AVEVA Connect. Users can also access the Real-time Crude platform on web and desktop interfaces. 


The  AVEVA Connect platform being used in an oil and gas facility. Screenshot courtesy of AVEVA


The Connect platform aims to securely host all of AVEVA's solutions in the cloud. AVEVA Connect offers a number of features including the following:


  • Engineers can optimize close to 80% in reduction in SCADA and HMI build time and design

  • Pushes project management and digital twin creation technologies

  • Allows users to handle simulation and engineering projects with 1D, 2D, and 3D capabilities


The Real-Time Crude Platform

This platform was specifically designed to determine how crude quality impacts the value chain. These combined platforms provide customers with all the supply chain information required to stay ahead in the oil and gas industry market. Customers have access to crude oil assays across the enterprise in minutes.

In a recent news release, Vice President of Schneider Electric (Process Analyzers and Instrumentation), Matthew Carrara, commented on the development of the supply chain platform.

“Real-Time Crude is at the cutting edge of much-needed developments within the volatile energy industry, and Schneider Electric and AVEVA are committed to helping customers navigate these uncertain times to function safely, efficiently, and reliably.  


Oil and gas facility. Image courtesy of AVEVA.


The platform aims to help supply chain management operations by offering visibility across the entire supply chain. Through this single source repository, companies can come together to observe and analyze data, share insights, exchange knowledge, and collaborate.

The Unified Supply Chain platform has modules for planning, scheduling, supply, distribution, and assay management. All information from these modules can be shared better to understand the plant in question and the business.