Beijer’s Nexto BCS-NX3008 PLC Now Certified for Industry 4.0 Innovation

September 15, 2023 by Bob Odhiambo

A key player on Beijer’s Nexto PLC bench, the BCS-NX3008 CPU was recently awarded UL and DNV certifications paving the way for the future of Industry 4.0 automation and control.

Beijer, known for its innovative industrial automation solutions, recently enhanced the application potential of its BCS-NX3008 CPU part of the company’s Nexto PLC lineup. According to Beijer, its CPU recently attained UL and DNV certifications. Equipped with the endorsement of these highly respected industrial certification bodies, Bijer’s CPU is now ready to help system engineers win the Industry 4.0 race.


The BCS-NX3008 CPU from Beijer’s Nexto PLC lineup.

The BCS-NX3008 CPU from Beijer’s Nexto PLC lineup. Image used courtesy of Beijer.


Significance of UL and DNV Certifications

Beijer’s Nexto PLC lineup is known for being scalable, as well as a small, flexible platform for complex industrial applications. To understand why the certifications are a significant step forward for BCS-NX3008 CPU, it might be helpful to review the core tenants of UL and DNV certifications.

UL and DNV certify a system or products are compliant with certain safety and quality standards. Det Norske Veritas (DNV) ensures that a product or system is qualified for maritime and offshore applications, is of sufficient quality, and complies with environmental standards. U.S-based Underwriters Laboratories (UL) global safety certification ensures electrical and electronic devices and industrial systems adhere to safety standards and similar regulations.

The UL and DNV are vital certifications in the world of industrial automation. Because the certifications are globally recognized, that means the BCS-NX3008 CPU is ready for global markets and engineered for international application opportunities and business plans. Besides gaining global market access, UL and DNV certifications reveal the manufacturer’s commitment to quality and safety.


Higher Performance, Better Connectivity

The CPU also delivers high performance, thanks to its 64-bit ARM Processor operating at a speed of 1 GHz and the ability to work with up to 1000 PID loops in only 5 milliseconds. With such rates, the Beijer CPU can work in high-speed processing applications while maintaining optimal performance. 

With the ability to host up to 3 Gigabit Ethernet ports, the BCS-NX3008 CPU offers flexibility with its wide range of communication protocols like; MODBUS, PROFINET, ETHERNET/IP, and USB for the 3G/4G and WIFI connectivity. The CPU has 32 MB of program software memory and 1MB of retentive memory. Its web server compliments the CPU's smart functionality features and supports connectivity and more efficient operations.


Ready for What’s Next

Equipped with critical certifications, the BCS-NX3008 CPUs are fit for Industry 4.0 applications and innovation. The CPU is equipped with advanced features that embrace emerging technology helping it to support Industry 4.0 integration goals.