Brand New Three-Phase Energy-Efficient Electric Motors

March 18, 2020 by Robin Mitchell

What are universal motors and why would you choose one over a standard motor?

NORD Gear Corp has announced its range of new universal motors that will help industrial processes integrate high-efficiency motors that can work on both AC and DC. 


Common Uses for Universal Motors

Universal motors are able to operate on both AC and DC power sources and include multiple connections so that a DC source can power the motor via a commutator. 

Due to some inefficiencies, universal motors will often generate a lot of heat and require cooling or placement in a cool environment which can make them undesirable in some industrial applications. 

These motors are still used mainly for their high torque and small compact size. 


Introducing NORD Three-Phase Universal Motor

To help combat these common issues found in universal motors, NORD has introduced its latest three-phase universal motor into their asynchronous range. 

The new motors have an energy efficiency class of IE3, which puts them at efficiencies of greater than 70%. 

The motors are available in a wide range of power ranges from 0.12kW to 45kW. These motors are applicable to most world markets being CE, UL, CSA, CCC, EAC, ISI, and UA certified which include Europe, USA, Canada, China, and Russia. 

The range of motors is fitted with temperature sensors by default, are all protected to IP55, and are all enclosed fan cooled. This allows them to fit into tight applications.


NORD UNIVERSAL motor. Image used courtesy of NORD Motors.


The range of motors is powered via a 3-phase source and can operate on four voltage standards including 380V/50Hz, 400V/50Hz, 460V/60Hz, and 480V/60Hz. The range of 20 motors come in IEC frame sizes from 63 to 225 and are also available in B3 foot, B5 flange, and B14 face mounting but can also be supplied with a NEMA C-face through 30HP and NEMA foot mount. 

The universal motor range can also be directly mounted to NORD gearboxes making them applicable for drive applications. 

Other options are also available for the motor range including a motor plug connection, protective covers, mechanical brake, external fan, and protection class IP66. 


High Torque and Small Footprint

The new range of motors by NORD provides engineers with highly efficient universal motors that offer high torque, a small footprint, and the capability to operate on a wide range of voltage supplies. 

The motors are totally internal fan-cooled making them a more ideal solution over other universal motors and the wide range of fittings and options make them highly adaptable to applications requiring a motor.