Comau and Siemens Partner to Expand Robotic Programming Efforts in Automotive Industry and Beyond

August 07, 2021 by Damond Goodwin

How are these companies combining Siemens ecosystem with Coamu's robot technology to make robotic programming easier?

One advancement the industry has seen in the last decade is a significant increase in the adoption of robots and more specifically, advanced programming of these robots. Large companies such as the ones mentioned below, often partner to combine their technology and expand innovations. Siemens and Comau are doing just that, but this time with a new approach. 


Comau and Siemens Combine Forces

Comau is a company headquartered in Turin, Italy. They span 14 countries and employ over 9,000 people. They have a total of eight manufacturing plants, five digital hubs, and seven innovation centers. The company also has a wide range of services and products to offer including:

  • Technology and systems for electric vehicles and components
  • Hybrid and traditional vehicle manufacturing,
  • Collaborative and wearable robotics
  • Industrial robots
  • Autonomous logistics
  • Dedicated machining centers
  • Interconnected digital services
  • Products able to transmit, elaborate, and analyze machine and process data

Comau aims to use its experience to help manufacturers of any size get their products to market faster, and more effectively while reducing overall costs. In addition to manufacturing these robots, Comau also offers consulting services to help customers get these robots up and running in their facilities. 


Video used courtesy of Comau


Comau and Siemens have joined forces to create a new system that hopes to make robot integration and programming more efficient. With a combination of the Comau Next Generation Programming Platform and Siemens Simatic Robot Library, the hope is to create an environment where companies can more easily program and run Comau robots using Siemens software and systems.  


Siemens SIMATIC line of controllers. Image used courtesy of Siemens


The Comau Next Generation Programming Platform, combined with Siemens Simatic Robot library plans to create a more efficient robot programming experience for companies already familiar with either product. If manufacturers already use the Siemens ecosystem for other processes or applications, they will be able to transition into programming one or more Comau robots within the ecosystem.


Uniform Robotics Data Interface (URDI) Communications Protocol

The Next Generation Programming Platform is designed to fit within the Uniform Robotics Data Interface (URDI) communications standard to simplify robot programming. The protocol aims to give engineers and robotic programmers a user-friendly platform to manage and maintain the data. This data can be crucial to understanding how the robot works on the factory floor and it can help with preventive and predictive maintenance strategies as well. 

The combination of this robotic platform with the URDI communications protocol creates an environment that promotes automation for companies with a reduction in the costly learning curve normally associated with newly integrated robotic systems in the manufacturing industry.

Comau claims that this partnership will help operators that are familiar with the Siemens ecosystem to integrate Comau robotic systems into their current processes. Since many engineers may already be familiar with Siemens PLCs, including Siemens SIMATIC line, they can more easily program Comau’s robots.  

The partnerships benefits extend beyond automotive applications and spans into processes such as:

  • End-of-line processes
  • Pick and place
  • The management of boxing and palletizing operations
  • Logistics and warehouse automation 

Comau claims a reduction in integration costs associated with programming and traditional learning curves. With one of their automotive customers, they showed a 30% reduction in configuration and programming costs through the use of their platform. Manufacturers across the board should see a reduction in programming and configuration costs no matter the industry.  


The HUMANufacturing Approach

Comau’s robots have the added benefit of virtual programming with the use of Siemens virtual PLC controller as a single operation. This makes it possible to program the robot virtually, in order to perfect the programming sequence before being downloaded on-site, allowing for immediate robot operation. Comau remains dedicated to its mission of making robots more accessible to the end-user.


An engineer working with Comau's robot solutions in a facility. Image used courtesy of Comau 


The company hopes this partnership with Siemens will make the process of integrating robots into existing product lines much easier than before. This in combination with their HUMANufacturing approach, leads to an environment where humans and robotics work together effectively and safely without large learning curves and programming costs. 

Comau's HUMANufacturing approach is designed to combine human intelligence with advanced manufacturing technology to create an ecosystem where humans and machines can work together. They believe this approach will advance their innovations into Industry 4.0. 


Can a partnership like this help you in your robotic programming processes? Let us know in the comments below.