Danfoss Industrial Automation becomes Danfoss Sensing Solutions

January 18, 2021 by Alessandro Mascellino

Danfoss Industrial Automation changed its name to Danfoss Sensing.

The company has also unveiled plans for focusing more on the development of application-driven sensor technologies and solutions. Danfoss finalized the name change on January 1st.


A graphic showing the new name of the company. Image courtesy of Danfoss Sensing Solutions.


A Specialization-Driven Move

According to Bert Labots, Vice President at Danfoss, the move was sparked by a sharp increase in the global need for sensing solutions. He remarked on industry leaders adapting to face fundamental choices.

These choices include guidance over organizational issues, as well as the need for innovative development strategies. Labots added Danfoss’ new name says: “We are your partner in navigating your journey across the digital sensor frontier—today and tomorrow."


New Sensors and Solutions

Danfoss’ name change also reflects a new organizational setup intended to offer customers a wider range of sensor-related products, utilizing diverse technologies, and improved support for sensors.


A variety of sensors provided by Danfoss. Image courtesy of Danfoss Sensing Solutions.


The company admits—as a leading global manufacturer—adaption within the rapidly changing digital landscape requires a competent partner.

The VP believes that a very relevant part of Danfoss Sensing’s new journey should extend its digital sensor connectivity capabilities, along with diagnostics and smart sensors allowing for instant programmability and remote technical support.


Danfoss: An Overview

Founded in 1933 by Mads Clausen as Dansk Køleautomatik og Apparatfabrik, Danfoss originally manufactured thermostatic expansion valves, water valves, and other products related to precision farming.

The company has increased steadily over the past 85 years, creating several world-first innovations, including radiator thermostats for regulating heating, mass-produced frequency converters, and more. In the early 2000s, the company (then called Danfoss Fluid Power A/S) merged with Sauer Inc. and became Sauer-Danfoss, joining the UN Global Compact.

The company grew further in the following years; In 2013, it changed its name to Danfoss, simultaneously starting a new business segment known as Danfoss Power Solutions. Danfoss released numerous new products in the past few months, including an upgrade to its programmable climate controllers, a new pressure transmitter, and a new evaporator controller.

In October 2020, the company also debuted a new IIoT Food Retail Service Portal powered by Microsoft Azure.


Danfoss Sensing Solutions

Moving forward, Danfoss will continue to develop sensor-focused solutions for a variety of industries. The company’s Cooling and Heating segment joined forces earlier this week to create a new Danfoss Climate Solutions segment.

The Danfoss team currently employs 27,870 worldwide across 72 factory sites in 25 countries; and as of 2020, completed sales in more than 100 countries. According to its website, Danfoss Sensing Solutions produces more than 250,000 products every day and adjusts solutions to customers' needs.

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