ELESA Debuts Wide-Ranging Line of Industrial Vacuum Grippers

February 06, 2024 by Jeremy Cook

ELESA has announced a new line of vacuum suction cups in a range of sizes and configurations, along with supports and quick-disconnect fixtures for industrial material handling applications.

Vacuum Grippers for Part Handling

Vacuum grippers in the form of suction cups are often used in industrial automation to pick and place parts with relatively flat surfaces. These may include ceramics, marble, wood, and even some types of paper or cardboard. The actual generation of the vacuum force is handled by devices called ‘ejectors,’ available from various manufacturers, but another critical element is the initial gripping. Holding items securely during transport is the responsibility of the suction cup assembly that forms the interface between automation and part.

To meet this need, industrial components manufacturer ELESA has launched a line of vacuum gripper components, including vacuum suction cups, cup holders, and accessories. These offer an excellent solution for handling smooth, flat surfaces, as well as more challenging applications with diverse shapes, and sizes.


New vacuum gripper variety from ELESA

New vacuum products for material handling of parts with a wide range of size, shape, and surface texture. Image used courtesy of ELESA


New Vacuum Gripper Product Line

ELESA’s new line of vacuum cups is available in oil-proof natural rubber, synthetic rubber, and silicone, allowing for wide-ranging material compatibility. They can be purchased in flat and bellows-style configurations in both round and elliptical shapes and come in a variety of sizes (between 4 and 85 mm) to handle a wide range of gripping needs. To-be-picked parts can include irregular shapes and rough surfaces, even accommodating the presence of oil and other liquids.

Along with the cups themselves, ELESA is offering a line of gripper holders for fixturing to automation equipment. These include threaded stems in brass, aluminum, or stainless steel, with spring configurations available to account for impacts or vertical misalignment. Quick-disconnect fittings for attachment of vacuum lines are also available, allowing for easy initial installation, as well as rapid parts changes. This ultimately means reduced downtime when maintenance is required and every second counts.


Vacuum Gripper Application Cases

Applicable industries noted by ELESA include food packaging, paper, electronics, and automotive, along with medical and pharmaceutical. These grippers can be used to manipulate large automotive body components in a vehicle assembly line, lift plastic trays for hands-free stacking, or even rapidly transport lightweight food packages as part of a delta robot pick and place and/or sort configuration. Vacuum grippers are common with nearly any type of industrial or pick-and-place robot configuration.

ELESA grippers, of course, won’t allow you to pull harder than 14.7 PSI at sea level. However, with appropriate sizing and alignment, plus a capable generation system, the correct cups will allow you to get the most consistent gripping possible out of your suction system.


ELESA: Longtime Trusted Automation Components Manufacturer

ELESA, established in 1941 and headquartered in Monza, Italy, has a history spanning over 80 years of product innovation in high-performance fixturing, control, and material handling devices. As such, they’ve proven themselves as a reliable automation partner over many decades and are well-positioned to enter the world of vacuum gripper end effectors.

The new vacuum gripper line is designed to have great potential, with an aesthetically attractive automation form factor. While good looks may not be the most important design factor in production, a polished appearance can help encourage technicians and operators to give a bit more care to the performance and upkeep of the equipment. This can also help impress potential customers that tour your line, so if a choice is available, it can be an actual tangible advantage.

ELESA’s new line of grippers is designed to be a good fit for both new and retrofit automation projects, and it has the potential to be positioned as a go-to vacuum gripper solution in the future.