FANUC Set to Host First Ever “Take Control” Virtual Robotic Event

October 12, 2020 by Seth Price

FANUC is hosting a virtual robotics conference where they will demonstrate and provide information and case studies about their robots.

The “Take Control” event will be hosted online from October 19-22 and is free to industry professionals or educators. 


FANUC Takes Control of Virtual Events

FANUC is known for its CNC machines and industrial robots, found in assembly, welding, packaging, material removal, painting, machine tending, laser cutting, material handling, and many other applications. They provide hardware, software, and training for their products. 


FANUC can develop CNC and automation solutions for manufacturing complex geometries. Image courtesy of FANUC.


In addition to designing and supplying high-quality robots, FANUC is heavily involved in robotics education, with its platforms implemented in trade and technical schools across the country.

“Take Control” will be a way for those interested in automation and robotics to explore FANUC’s product lines. Attendees will have their questions answered by automation experts and learn about case studies and existing robotics solutions. In some ways, “Take Control” is similar to other robotics conferences, though it is done online.

The real difference, the real advantage of Take Control is the ability to tour one of FANUC’s manufacturing plants virtually. 


The Different Zones 

The event is divided into three zones: knowledge, solutions, and exploration. The three zones make the event as close to a real conference as the online environment can provide. In a typical conference, attendees can casually wander between technical sessions and the show.

It is an opportunity to learn about new technology and view it in action on the trade show floor. “Take Control” adds another element. In addition to technical sessions and a trade show, attendees can get a virtual factory tour and see how robots are manufactured at any of FANUC’s 25 locations. 

The Knowledge Zone will feature technical presentations, such as “Eight Reasons Why Cobots are now for Everyone,” “Workforce 2025 Outlook - Aligning Education with Industry”, and “Rethink Your Machining Process to Maximize Efficiency.”  

Some of the technical presentations will include predictions for the future of automation, case studies, and panel discussions. The speakers for these sessions are experts within FANUC and panel members from Benchmade Knives, Module Works, Vickers Engineering, and many others. 


Opportunities for System Integrators 

In the Solutions Zone, attendees will chat with process experts and get their questions answered. The latest FANUC products will be displayed in over 150 videos that attendees can browse. FANUC Authorized System Integrators and automation experts will highlight the technical details and help attendees develop solutions for their automation needs.

With FANUC’s expertise in many applications, from painting to inspection to CNC machining, FANUC representatives will be able to integrate a robotics system with any number of processes.

The Exploration Zone focuses on the design and production of the robots at FANUC’s facilities. FANUC invited visitors to tour their factories in the past, but with COVID-19, their facilities have been closed to visitors. Attendees will be able to see FANUC’s capabilities, first-hand, in a virtual, self-guided tour of one of their production facilities.


A graphic of the Take Control Event. Image courtesy of FANUC


The registration form will ask for your name, contact information (a business or school email address is required), and a few questions about your automation needs.



The event will be from October 19-22, 2020.