FLIR Releases its SV87-KIT Vibration Monitoring Solution for Industrial Inspection

December 31, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

FLIR provides a new wireless, remote condition monitoring solution to help optimize manufacturing processes.

FLIR Systems, Inc. develops and manufactures thermal imaging cameras and broadcast camera systems. FLIR, a commercial company, serves both commercial and government markets. The company name stands for forward-looking infrared. 

FLIR’s products and solutions include unmanned ground systems, gas detection cameras, deep learning interface cameras, machine vision cameras, traffic detection, and monitoring systems, R&D software, visible security cameras, packaged sensors, and more. 

Vibration Monitoring Solutions

The company recently released its new FLIR SV87-KIT Vibration Monitoring Solution for manufacturing processes that utilize rotating machinery, gearboxes, fans, industrial pumps, and motors. 


The FLIR SV87-KIT. Image courtesy of FLIR Systems, Inc.


For industrial operations to run smoothly, the machines that perform the operations must work efficiently and to maximum capability. Routine inspections of machinery are usually carried out to ensure proper functionality and reduce the occurrence of maintenance and unexpected downtime. 

FLIR’s SV87-KIT is hoped to help manufacturers avoid unexpected downtime and enhance facility productivity through 24/7 remote conditioning monitoring of integral infrastructure and machinery.



The FLIR SV87-KIT was designed to allow easy configuration and simple installation through wireless connectivity to a WiFi network.

The kit’s time-saving aspect is evident concerning its wireless design. Usually, continuous vibration monitoring systems involve more wiring, which can increase the time spent undertaking the installation. 

The SV87-KIT removes these obstacles and allows maintenance staff to monitor any changes in heat and vibration remotely in real-time. This provides an earlier way of catching any machinery problems that could lead to serious malfunctions or potential failure. 

The kit helps make monitoring operations safer by allowing users to view reading on a mobile or PC and limit contact with machinery.

Users can also expect to receive automatic alerts when conditions are abnormal so they can act quickly to resolve them. These alerts are triggered when vibration or temperature exceeds the threshold defined by the user.

LED indicators are integrated within FLIR SV87-KIT to display power, sensor alarm, and WiFi status. 


Unique Data Capabilities

Data collected using the kit includes live data, temperature, g-force, and acceleration. Users can also view trending charts, historical data, and review data samples stored every 90 seconds. Additionally, data can be exported as CSV files. 


Analyze data and export to a CSV file. Image courtesy of FLIR Systems, Inc.


The SV87-KIT uses remote fixed vibration and contact temperature sensors (SV87), and a storage capacity of 32MB. Its operating temperature range is -25 to 65°C (-13 to 149°F) and -30 to 80°C (-22 to 176°F) for the gateway and sensor, respectively. 

The kit has a frequency range of 10 Hz to 1 kHz, a gateway AC voltage of up to 100 V to 240 V, and a 4-year sensor battery life. 

The FLIR SV87-KIT is now available for purchase through FLIR and authorized FLIR distributors.